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Information on collection and use of personal information (necessary)
■ Collect of Personal information and Privacy Protection Policy
‘AGAIN 2021 Seoul IFTI’ values the protection and privacy of the registrant’ personal information in accordance with the related law, the Personal Information Protection Act. We collect the personal information in order to provide the event services only, such as registration, survey, promotions, etc. We do not use the collected information for anything other than the intended purpose of the event.

Items of Personal Information:
- E-mail Address, Nationality, Name, Affiliation, Position, Mobile phone number, etc.

Purpose of Collection:
- To provide information related to the event.
- To manage event operation and Follow-up Action.
- To handle complaints related to use of website and delivery of notices.
- To analyze service usage status of members

Duration of Retention
- To provide information: 1 year after the event ends.

■ Consignment of Management of Personal Information
‘AGAIN 2021 Seoul IFTI’ is co-hosted by National Assembly Library, Ewha Womans University GSTI, and Korea Legislation Research Institute. The co-host organizations permit the Secretariat-Hancompany Co., Ltd.- to use registrant’s information to organize the event.
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